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Wild Card
Final Major Project



There is still a stigma in place stopping people from discussing grief. People feel awkward discussing the topic and fear upsetting people by doing so. This can leave those grieving feeling isolated and unable to discuss their feelings with loved ones.

How can I employ design to encourage people to be more open in the discussion of taboo topics


One popular way in which people currently discuss loss is through sympathy cards. Yet the current offering of sympathy cards are dated sounding insincere with overly poetic language.

In response to this I created Wild Card the human card company. Designed to sound like people actually speak, Wild Card cards come in four categories to suit the four types of people;

The Joker, The Inviter, The Addresser and The Dodger.


The cards branch out past the usual topics of sympathy cards, death and illness, to include differing levels of taboo topics from being owed money and coming out.

Cards are available to buy on Thortful.

Over 250 cards sold.

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